Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It is even Publishing any more...

From the title alone, you can tell we've been in publishing for many years--when you called it publishing. In our case, we've been in educational publishing most of our careers but now we are not. Really, we are no longer publishing in the way it was meant when the word took form generations ago regarding building books. And that's the fun part.

We are now digital content managers, content creators, educational content providers. Translated, we write content for digital educational formats, and we create digital educational formats for delivery including partnering with a key Learning Management System company, which will be announced shortly.

We still make sure content is good and accurate, just like publishers did, but those same publishers are now content aggregaters and we help them do it. We at iD8-TripleSSS are educational content aggregaters. We write it, we manage those who write this content, we create delivery formats to provide it.

"Education is the key to all things wonderful."--Anonymous. And that's what we'll always do.